Monday, January 26, 2009

President Obama

In a word... wow!

I recently returned from President Obama's inauguration in D.C. and simply don't have the words to describe how awesome it was to be out there to witness the event.

Obviously there are plenty of places to get details and stories about the day, so I won't add to that pile... I'll simply say:

* It was awesome
* it was kinda cold
* it was kinda crowded
* It was awesome

Did I mention it was awesome?

Quick highlights

* Seeing my man Barack get sworn in!
* Representing for Chicago at Busboys & Poets Cafe on 14th & V
* Hanging out with Rebecca, as cool of a Wrightson sister as ever there was
* Seeing Reese, Galina, & Family (including Maurice's Mom and siblings)

Lessons that will remain as the details fade

If you've followed the story of Obama's election at all, you've likely heard interviews with this or that black person... famous, or not famous, who has said something along the lines of: "I never thought I'd see this day."

Well, I was definitely one of those people who never thought they'd see this day. I always knew this day would come, it's just that I was pretty sure it wouldn't happen in my lifetime... and I thought my daugther might live to see it.

A black president was one of those things that was "theoretically possible", like teleporting, or living on Mars. Something to be pondered maybe, but something ultimately destined to be experienced by future generations.

And now, this formerly "theoretical" possibility is a reality. What has this taught me? It has shown me that there is no need for a "theoretical" qualifier as I look at the possibilities of this world. Things yet to be made reality are possible, plain and simple. Put differently, it helps me to more clearly see "dreams" as challenges, as calls-to-action, as things within reach.

And Ed, Reese, et al... before you go clowning me, I'm fully aware that all my blathering was just a wordier rendition of "Yes we can"... deal with it!

A few pictures from the trip (do slideshow mode for a taste of the mad narrative skills, yo.)