Friday, December 4, 2009

Reports of the SL-1200's death...

...may or may not have been greatly exaggerated,

Caught this link from DanceTracks Digital today

DanceTracks News, Technics Not Dead Yet

Great post... far from a nostalgia piece, they do a great job of describing the SL-1200's importance in the development of DJing and looking forward to the importance that newer digital technology will continue to have on the artform.

All that said, I'll indulge in a brief bit of nostalgia... I often refer to the day I bought my "12s" as the second happiest day of my life (with the birth of my daughter being the first). I remember every detail like it was yesterday... rolling into Guitar Center on Halsted in Chicago with a *plenty* of credit on my plastic. I did it big! Two 12s, bright red flight cases... man, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Must have been '95 or '96, maybe a bit later.

At this point I'd been DJing for many years, but usually belt drive turntables. (Gemini XL BD-10s for those who care) I briefly had a pair of used 12s that I bought when I was in college (thanks Romaine!). I had *no* business buying that pair, and sold them when I "got out" of DJing. But, this pair was mine, I was a grown ass man, and they weren't ever going to be sold back (and they haven't been!)

I guess I must have driven home, but I don't remember it... I remember buying them, then I remember being back at my apartment setting them up. They've been trusty companions ever since. And just to show you how weird I am... I will put a promo sticker on just about any available surface, but never on my red flight-cases, big stars have the "only blue M&Ms" thing, I guess I have this...

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