Friday, January 23, 2015

Gilles Peterson: Hanging with a master

There's a  zen phrase along the lines of "do not seek the wise, seek what they sought".

I consider myself a musical seeker, and while I do not 'seek the wise', I'm grateful when I find myself in their company on our shared quest.  Props to selector-par-excellence Gilles Peterson for a great set in Brooklyn this evening.

Gilles doesn't play in the States very frequently, so it's always a treat to be able to catch him.  While this set wasn't as revelatory as the first time I heard him, it was excellent nonetheless...

As is his wont, he crossed genres at will, moving from new D'Angelo joints, to Carioca Funk, to Banging House, to Jazz Dance stormers, to Cumbia jams, to Classics, to... well you get the point.

Eclectic though he is, he has a very strong conception (as the jazz cats like to describe it...).  I always learn from him, and just as importantly, I dance like a fool :-)

Speaking of dancing, I also have a great appreciation for the diverse crowd that Gilles brings out... definitely more about the music than "the scene".  Kindred spirits.  Respect!

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